String Potentiometer

  • String Potentiometer (Draw Wire Potentiometer)
    String Potentiometer is widely used in storage positioning,  dam protections, sluice gate control, screw machines,  paper machines, sewing machines, sheet metal machines, printing machines, horizontal control equipment, construction machines, industrial robot, injection machines, woodworker machines, elevators, air compressors, hydraulic machines, X-Y axis displacement, liquid level measurements and position control.

    We are distributing Miran string potentiometers and the selected products cover a wide range of displacement, ranging from very short as 100mm to very long displacement up to 100m. There are various available output options, including resistance, voltage and current outputs.

    Model signs with different ranges of displacement

    • XXXS:100-200mm
    • XXS:100-800mm
    • XS:100-1000mm
    • S:100-1000mm
    • M:1100-4000mm
    • L:4500-8000mm
    • XL:9000-100000mm
    Output options with following signs
    • R: 0-5KΩ Resistance
    • V1:0-5V
    • V2:0-10V
    • A1:4-20mA with 3 wires
    • A2:4-20mA with 2 wires
    • P1:incremental pulse phase output AB phase or ABZ phase.
    • P2: absolute pulse type
    Common features
    • High accuracy with small non-linearity as 0.3%FS. 
    • Wire is made of stainless steel with Teflon, can work in harsh environments
    • IP65 protection
    Models and Specifications
    Model Image Features Strokes (mm) Linearity Output Document
    compact size 31x31mm
    100 – 200 0.3%FS

    R, V, A, P

    MPS-XXS compact size 100 to 1000 0.3%FS R, V, A, P Contact
    MPS-XS Small structures 100 to 1000 0.3%FS R, V, A, P Contact


    Small structure 100 to 1000 0.3%FS R, V, A, P Contact
    MPS-M long stroke 1000 to 4000 0.3%FS R, V, A, P Contact
    MPS-L long stroke 4500-8000 0.3%FS R, V, A, P Contact
    MPS-XL very long stroke 9000-100000 0.3%FS R, V, A, P Contact

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