Servo Accelerometers

  • Servo Accelerometers (Force-balance Accelerometers)

    LABSEN is distributing high-end servo accelerometers manufactured by ZITN which has been manufacturing transducers for aerospace, military  and oil drilling industries for 17 years long.

    The Quartz-Flexible accelerometers series HQA-J1 and ZQA-T Series  are  single-axis torque reaction accelerometers to measure acceleration. When acceleration is applied on the sensor, the current in a coil will be adjusted to maintain the balance between the electromagnetic force and the inertial force of the moving mass subjected to the applied acceleration. Therefore, the current will vary proportionally with the acceleration. Appropriate data acquisition system with current or voltage input is used to measure the current, then acceleration is linearly converted. 

    The HQA-J1, HQA-J1 and HQA-J3 Q-Flex accelerometers are high precision accelerometers with temperature ranging from -45℃~+85℃.

    The Mini M150, HQA-T135, HQA-T160 and HQA-T185 Q-Flex accelerometers are high temperature, especially up to 185℃ as the HQA-T185.

     These servo accelerometers are widely used for highly accuracy measurement systems in aerospace and defense engineering.


    • High temperature resistance
    • Vibration and shock resistance
    • Small volume and light weight
    • Wide voltage supply, low power consumption
    • Analogue signal output
    • Flange mounted or round embedded installation





    Maximum Temperature

    (C deg)

    Band width


    Scale Factor


    HQA-J1 ±30g 0.00001 -45℃~+70℃ DC to 800 Hz 1.1 – 1.6 Contact
    HQA-J2 ±25g 0.000005 -45℃~+70℃ DC to 800 Hz 1.5 – 1.9 Contact
    HQA-J3 ±20g 0.000005 -45℃~+85℃ DC to 800 Hz 1.2 – 1.6 Contact
    Mini M150 ±20g 0.00006 up to 160℃ DC to 300 Hz 1.5 – 1.9 Contact
    ZQA-T-135 ±30g 0.00001 up to 135℃ DC to 300 Hz 2 (+/-10%) Contact
    ZQA-T-160 ±30g 0.00001 up to 160℃ DC to 300 Hz 2 (+/-10%) Contact
    ZQA-T-180 ±30g 0.00001 up to 185℃ DC to 300 Hz 2 (+/-10%) Contact

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