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  • Pipe Stiffness Testing Machines

    Based on expertise and experience in control and testing, LABSEN collaborates with manufacturers for supplying high quality testing machines. Our products are made for Australian conditions, meet the local regulations, perform safely, provide accurate test data and will last for long life.

    With LABSEN contribution in improving the system (hardware and control software) and upgrading functions, the machines can be connected with other testing systems (such as external testing machines, data acquisition and/or controllers). Please see Enhancing Functions of Material Testing Machines for more details.


    RST series stiffness tester

    The machines are used to determine the ring stiffness of circular cross-section thermoplastic pipes, according customer’s request, it can also execute compression, ring stiffness, ring softness and creep ratio test. This tester meet the requirement of all kinds of plastic pipes, structured-wall pipes, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, PE corrugated pipes, helically wound pipes etc., The machines conform with Standard ISO 9969, ISO 9967.

    Principle of ring stiffness

    The ring stiffness is determined by measuring the force and the deflection while deflecting the pipe at a constant deflection speed. A cut length of pipe supported horizontally is compressed vertically between two parallel flat platens moved at a constant speed that is dependent the diameter of the pipe. A plot of force versus deflection is generated. The ring stiffness is calculated as a function of the force necessary to produce a 3% diametric deflection of pipe.

    Principle of creep ratio

    A cut length of pipe is placed between two parallel flat horizontal plates and a constant compressive force is applied for 1008 h (42 days). The deflection of the pipe is recorded at specified intervals so as to prepare a plot of pipe deflection against time. The linearity of the data is analysed and the creep ratio is calculated as the ratio between the two years’ extrapolated deflection value and the measured 6 min (0.1 h) deflection.

    Listed products

    Model RST-1

    Specimen size: < 630mm


    Specimen size: < 1000mm


    Specimen size: over 1000mm

    Maximum load 10kN, 20kN, 30kN, 50kN, 100kN
    Load resolutions 0.01N
    Number of loadcells  1 to 3 pcs
    Load accuracy ±1%
    Crosshead travel 100mm – 3500mm
    Pile diameter range 16mm – 3200mm
    Crossbeam speed 0.1 mm/min~500 mm/min, stepless, adjustable
    Test width 420mm to 1000mm
    Displacement accuracy 0.001mm
    Power 220V/380V AC 50Hz/60Hz
    Pipe inner diameter measuring device Yes
    Creep ratio test (option) ISO 9967
    Time range 1s – 9999h59m59s
    Time resolution 1s

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