Loadcell Amplifier

  • Amplifiers for Strain-gauge-based Transducers (Load cells / Torque Cells)

    LABSEN supplies various models of loadcell amplifiers from large manufacturers whose products have been widely used in measurement, testing and control.

    Our supplied amplifiers have different form factors, allowing customers to select available amplifiers together when customers buy our distributed load cells and torque cells. 

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    Accuracy Nonlinearity Power Supply Outputs Temperature  Others

    0.05%-0.1% F.S.

    0.05%-0.1% F.S.

    Single 5V – 36V

    0-5V, 0-10V,-5~+5V, 4-20mA, RS422/485

    -20 ~ 80 ºC

    Zero adjustment,

    Gain adjustment,

    Low temperature effect,

    Long term stability

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