LABSEN Universal Data Acquisition Software

  • UDAS – Universal Data Acquisition Software

    UDAS makes it easier and quicker to run NI DAQ: providing a user-friendly interface and advanced functions in setting up DAQ configurations, running data acquisition and logging data for multi-measuring systems.

    Saving much times on setting and running large measurement systems: absolutely easy in setting up large number of channels for multi-measuring systems within few minutes, saving/loading configuration files, integrating advanced functions in displaying graph, zero offset, triggering, recording automatically.

    Avoiding complexions in DAQ for large measuring systems: users simply pickup large number of channels and declare few common measurement requests in a natural way; UDAS automatically does managing block diagrams, wiring terminals from/to DAQmx virtual instruments (VIs), setting appropriate parameters, data processing for displaying, triggering as recoding as user’s requests.

    Using standard DAQmx functions for acquiring analog inputs: high reliability in sampling, streaming, displaying and recording data.

    Powerful features

    • Very easily and quickly setting up large DAQ systems (multi channels, various modules, multi systems)
    • Automatically generating or manually inputting names, units, gains, zero and averaging options
    • Checking and suggesting values and ranges of parameters for DAQ VIs
    • Saving/loading DAQ configurations to/from text files (easy in viewing, checking, adding, changing)
    • Detecting and warning invalid signals or failures in input channels
    • Advanced software-based zero offset functions (get, save, re-load, activate and deactivate zero offsets)
    • Advanced graph functions for displaying all channels (automatically classifying & generating graphs)
    • Signal processing (filtering and spectrum analyzing, strain drifting cancellation are available as options)
    • Customizing indicators for showing values of selected signals
    • Advanced software-based trigger function for conditionally recording data in different trigger modes
    • Sophistically recording functions (various modes; customized name, type & length of file, time stamp)
    • Widely accepting NI DAQ hardware including cDAQ modules, Carrier, cDAQ Chassis, USB cards

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