Environment Vibration

  • Labtone Integrated Environment Tester 

    LABSEN is distributing Integrated Environment Testers manufactured by Labtone Test Equipment Co., Ltd. which has more than 17 year experience in manufacturing testing equipment.

    The Integrated Environmental Test System is a combination of test chamber and vibration test system, whereby different temperature (high/low temperature), humidity, vibration (sinusoidal/random) and electrical stress are applied on the specimen according to the preset period to perform “Environmental Simulation” of temperature, humidity and vibration.

    This product can provide broad range of combined environmental and vibrating configurations according to the clients’ requirements. For example: 3 to 4 integrated testing setup scheme (air-cooled vibration test system complimented by low pressure test chamber), multi-axis vibration test and latest testing technologies.

    As compared to single environmental factor test, this test can simulate the products in transport and operation environments more realistically. It is an important methodology to assess and evaluate the adaptation of product towards environmental changes, to expose the flaw in the products and also to assist in development of new product, appraisal and mass production.


    • Independent control system: can perform high temperature, low temperature, constant temperature, constant humidity, vibration test and integrated test, separately.
    • Adopts portable track design to perform integrated or single factor test easily.
    • Our selected vibration test systems are compatible with international test chambers.

    Labtone Integrated Environment Tester

    The dynamic shaker can be any available option among various Labtone large shakers while the chamber can be customized for specific applications.

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