Customized Test Systems

  • Why LABSEN ?

    Based on our expertise and experience in control and testing, LABSEN is collaborating with experienced manufacturers who manufacture testing machines, large load cells, multi-axial load cells, servo hydraulic actuators, etc. in order to manufacture and supply various non-standard and/or unique testing systems.

    Our expert has more than 25 year experience in servo hydraulic control and testing facilities, we fully aware that high quality testing equipment strictly requires not only well operating functions, high accuracy and high order of safety but also, event more importantly, the reliability and durability of the major mechanical parts over decades with low risk of un-repairable failure.


    Category 1: Customized Very Large Servo Hydraulic Testing Machine (max. 30 MN)


    For testing specimens such as large FRP confined concrete cylinders, it requires large compression testing machine with loading capabilities 10 MN, 20 MN or event more.

    Loading System

    The control of hydraulic loading system in a super large testing machine is similar with a standard servo hydraulic testing machine. However, there is a small difference that the retraction of the loading actuator should be carried out by external actuators to increase the retracting speed. In addition, an appropriate moving system for loading and unloading large/heavy specimens should be equipped.

    Control technology

    The servo hydraulic control technology is our key expertise in customization of testing machines. For servo valves, either MOOG valve and Star Hydraulic valve is selected because of their high qualities. A PLC system is used to handle moving tasks of the loading system (the large loading actuator, retract actuators, moving actuators for setting specimen) while a real-time controller is used to run servo hydraulic control (displacement/force/extension controls) of the loading actuator. Either a servo controller from standard servo hydraulic Universal Testing Machines or a more advanced controller such as MOOG Test Controllers or our LABSEN Control Solution is optionally selected for the servo control of the customized testing machine.

    Large servo hydraulic actuator

    The factories of our collaborative manufacturers have capability for manufacturing large servo hydraulic actuator with size of piston up to 840 mm in diameter, with hydraulic pressure up to at 550 bar at which servo valve options are available and the system can work with high reliability and last for long time, the loading capability of large actuators will be up to 30 MN (3000 tone, with single large loading actuator).

    Loading frame

    Basically, the capability of the machine to cut piston and the bore of the cylinder limits the size, consequently the loading capability, of the hydraulic actuators whereas the manufacturing equipment is capable for any requirement on size and load of the testing frame. Therefore, any possible size of the loading frame can be manufactured.

    Large load cell

    The ring force type of load cells which is available in the market with force ranges up to 30 MN and high accuracy class up to  0.5 will be used. 



    Category 2: Customized Complex System of Testing Machine and Multi Measurement System

    With a wide range of distributed products (including material testing machines, sensors, instrumentation equipment, data acquisition systems) together with our advanced solutions (on enhancement of testing machines, real-time control and data acquisition software), we can work with our manufacturing partners to manufacture and supply complex test systems for our customers.

    Such complex test system can be integrate following sub-systems, but not limited to the listed ones:

    Not being limited in using our available distributed components, it is freely for LABSEN to select best suitable components from other manufactures.    

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