About Us

LABSEN® means “LABoratory and SENsor Technologies” which has been registered in Australia with the ABN 41242801624 and the registered trademark number 1804381.


LABSEN has expertise  in measurement, control and testing. Our expert has deep knowledge and long international experience in measurement, real-time control, servo hydraulic/electric control, structural control and testing, development of hardware and software as well as development of large testing facilities in Europe.


LABSEN supplies solutions of

  • measurement
  • control
  • and testing

to its customers in

  • mechanical,
  • aerospace,
  • defense,
  • oil exploration,
  • and civil engineering.


For vibration, shock test, dynamic as well as static tests, LABSEN distributes a wide range of products from international manufactures, including

  • sensors,
  • signal conditioners,
  • data acquisition,
  • real-time controller,
  • testing machines


To make sure the products satisfy the following stringent requirement,

  • meet the local regulations,
  • perform safely,
  • provide high accuracy,
  • and last for long life;

LABSEN works with its collaborative manufacturers in

  • specifying technical specifications,
  • strictly selecting key components,
  • upgrading machines with advanced functions,
  • on-site check or remote check of any upgrading/new function.


Especially for specific applications, LABSEN works with manufacturers to provide

  • customized transducers,
  • customized measurement systems,
  • customized testing systems.