Impact Hammers

  • Impact Hammers

    With built-in force sensor, impact hammer allows imposing impact forces on a test structure while simultaneously measuring the impulse forces. In addition, different tips (rubber, nylon, aluminium, stainless steel) allow achieving wide range of pulse widths, corresponding low to high frequency ranges.



    By analyzing responses of the tested structure under the impact forces, the dynamics of the structure can be understood. Structural parameters and cracks in the structures can be identified from impulse responses (see pile integrity test on our SOLUTIONS for example).



    • For generating impulsed force which is accurately measured by a force sensor  
    • For analysis of structural dynamic behavior
    • For pile integrity testing 
    • with a special design of the hammer structure

    Sinocera Impulse Hammers

    Our distributed impulse hammers are manufactured by Sinocera (Sinocera Piezotronics Inc.) which has a long history over 50 years in manufacturing high-performance piezoelectric ceramic materials, piezoelectric sensors and dynamic testing instruments. These products have been being used in many countries in Europe, America, Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, etc. .

    The quality management and quality assurance of the production system complies with the international standard ISO 9001:2008. Each finished equipment is tested and calibrated by a stringent quality control system at the factory.






    Head diameter


    Length of handle 


    Head weight


    Force Transducer
    LC-01A 2 4 16 250 40 CL-YD-303
    LC-02A 5 4 25 280 200 CL-YD-312A
    LC-04A 60 4 30 300 300 CL-YD-305
    LC-12 125 4 75 900 3700 CL-YD-320

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