IC Piezoelectric Acclerometers

  • IC (Integrated Circuit) Piezoelectric Accelerometers

    These accelerometers have piezo sensing element with built in charge amplifier of double power or single-power supply to convert charge signal to voltage output. They are suitable for the hand-held vibration meter and data recorder etc.

    Application Scope

    • Hand-held vibration meter
    • Embedded vibration system
    • General vibration measuring system

    Sinocera IEPE Accelerometers

    Our distributed IEPE Accelerometers are manufactured by Sinocera (Sinocera Piezotronics Inc.) which has a long history over 50 years in manufacturing high-performance piezoelectric ceramic materials, piezoelectric sensors and dynamic testing instruments. These products have been being used in many countries in Europe, America, Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, etc. .

    The quality management and quality assurance of the production system complies with the international standard ISO 9001:2008. Each finished transducer is tested and calibrated by a stringent quality control system at the factory before being distributed to the market. 


    Type Image Features Specifications Documents
    CA-YD-155 Built-in pre-amplifiers
    Suitable for hand-held equipment
    Sensitivity: 100mV/g
    Range: 50 g
    Frequency Range: 1-5000 Hz
    Connector/Mounting: L5 / M5
    Weight: 33 g
    CA-YD-166A TO-5 package, weldable installation
    Small size, light weight (embedded type)
    High sensitivity, wide frequency response
    Sensitivity: 100mV/g
    Range: 20 g
    Frequency Range: 1-10000 Hz
    Temp.: -54~+85 ℃
    Mounting: glue or fitures
    Weight: 3.5 g
    CA-YD-168 Built-in pre-amplifiers
    Suitable for hand-held equipment
    Sensitivity: 50mV/g
    Range: 100 g
    Frequency Range: 1-10000 Hz
    Temp.: -20~+120 ℃
    Mounting: M5 or probe
    Weight: 35 g


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